July 2017
I don't know how you do this job?! Is a comment I am often faced with by my clients and people to whom I have just revealed, that a large part of my job is to manage and service the relationship between landlord and tenant.

I still don't have a funky, punchy line for an answer, maybe you can help me with that? Most of the time though, I do manage to splurt out that in a bizarre(even masochistic) way I do enjoy it. And that is true.

Property Management largely follows my professional training as a counsellor, my mother role, my 15 years of experience in estate agency and property investments and my love of social life.It involves meeting people, hearing their stories, establishing and building a relationship with them, looking after their investment, managing their disagreements, listening when they want to throw the toys out....,organising time tables for meetings and repairs, braking bad news, being firm and in the end always evaluating what could we have done better or differently, what have we learned and how can we make it better.

Combining that with professional training of course on property management and inventory practice and following current market trends.

The philosophy of Access Property is prevention and flexibility. Preventing surprises by regular property inspections, pre- check-out inspections, detailed reports, open and honest communication. Being flexible by not trying to tie landlords to endless contracts, offering competitive prices in line with a tailor made services and not charging for work that has not taken place.

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