Inventory Services

An inventory is a complete record of the fixtures, fittings and decor of your property at a given time. The report works through each room and outside areas methodically using digital photos, presenting an overall view of the space and recording all items of value and any damage that might have occurred.


The purpose of the check-in for the current tenant to sign the latest and updated inventory and take over the keys. Often this is also the moving in date, which by the very nature of it can be stressful for the tenants and so we work carefully to make sure that this meeting goes as smoothly as possible. Meter readings are taken and we walk through the property with the tenant to show them what it is to look out for, where the instruction manuals are, where the switch of the boiler is. We then email the report to them together with some tips of care for each individual property just in case they were not able to take it all in at the meeting. The standard at which the property should be maintained, and returned at the end of the tenancy.

Check Out

The check - out meeting and report records the condition of the property at the end of the tenancy. It highlights the differences from the check-in report. In order to avoid disputes between landlords and tenants as much as possible Access Property arranges a check-out inspection 1 month prior the scheduled check-out. At this meeting we compile a list together with the tenant. This list determines what, if anything needs to be given special attention to or needs fixing prior to the check - out.


Full Maintenance response through letting agents can be expensive and because of the volume of units they look after it can be insufficient too. At Access Property we believe that we should only charge for work that is carried out and that although the management is taken over by Access Property, the landlord is still in control of their investment. Our competitive prices reflect that. We inspect all properties quarterly and we submit a report with that to include photographs, which gives a landlord an idea of how the tenants are embracing their home. Unless it is an emergency, we always discuss the occurring problems in the property with our landlord and we aim to give a quote/estimate before any maintenance work is to be carried out.